Health & Medical Cleaning

What do you do in the Washroom at Work ?

A survey was carried out recently into how people use their workplace washroom and it produced some interesting results ! Only 78% of respondents said they went there just to visit the toilet! The remainder came up with many... Read more

Updated Website

Welcome to our updated Website, we hope you like our new look !! If you are visiting our page for the first time we hope that you can get a good insight into how our Company operates, if you are a current customer, we hope you like what we have... Read more

Microfibre – the way of the Future

Microfibre mopping systems are especially designed for rapid response cleaning. We can ensure that flooring is dry and safe and that cleaners can quickly respond to any problems with minimum disruption. What qualities enable microfibre to achieve... Read more

What is lurking in your office ?

It has been suggested that your desk could be more contaminated with bacteria than the toilet in your building.   Turn your keyboard upside down and give it a good shake - you will be surprised at what escapes … But how do I... Read more