What do you do in the Washroom at Work ?

A survey was carried out recently into how people use their workplace washroom and it produced some interesting results ! Only 78% of respondents said they went there just to visit the toilet! The remainder came up with many other uses - some use the washroom as a facility to prepare for the working day or to change for after-work activities. Other employees use the washroom as an extension of their office and they admit to making and taking phone calls or using their laptop or tablet to deal with emails while in the toilet cubicle.

40% of respondents would like their employer to improve the hygiene standard of their workplace washroom, with 21% saying that they prefer not to use the washroom at all, this is a high number of employees opting for discomfort so that they can avoid using the toilet all day long. It would of course, be counter-productive if all washrooms were to become a haven for staff, a place where they can head to for a chat, nap, snack or break from work. It is imperative though that staff can use the washroom without any fears to their health. A washroom should be clean, hygienic and well stocked with essential consumables such as soap, toilet tissue and hand drying facilities.

Creating the ideal workplace washroom is never easy but, in any sustainable business, it is important to keep staff happy, healthy and comfortable.

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