Microfibre – the way of the Future

Microfibre – the way of the Future

Microfibre mopping systems are especially designed for rapid response cleaning. We can ensure that flooring is dry and safe and that cleaners can quickly respond to any problems with minimum disruption.

What qualities enable microfibre to achieve these results ? The mops and cloths can be washed and re-used many times, microfibre mops are lighter and quicker to use than traditional systems also there is no need to use a lot of chemicals and hot water isn’t required – cold works just as well.

Businesses where any excess water could potentially be hazardous will benefit from microfibre technology. Any hard surface wiped with a damp microfibre cloth will dry in around 2 minutes as opposed to 10 minutes with a traditional cloth. The increased drying speed of microfibre mop systems will help to reduce slip-hazard areas for both staff and customers or reduce the time that floors need to be out of use for cleaning purposes.

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