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Hatton Country World

Hatton Country World

We can hardly believe that Snorty’s Bouncing Barnyard has been open for almost 6 years. When Hatton Country World first opened this new play area they needed a contractor they could rely on to cover the cleaning over 7 days per week 364 days of the year.

This cleaning contract has its own challenges and is a typical example of how manage our cleaning contracts to retain staff and avoid a high staff turnover.

As well as being competitive we must ensure we are offering an attractive rate of pay as any cleaner employed for this contract will have to travel by car.

We must ensure that we have reliable cleaners during the week and at weekends, that’s why we employed a team to clean Monday to Friday and a team to clean at the weekend. These teams also provide both emergency and holiday cover.

Snorty’s has a very high footfall of both adults and children and the weekends and during school holidays are exceptionally busy. Goldcrest Cleaning are always on hand during these very busy times .

At Hatton Country World we sweep and mop the play and eating area which is a large floor space, clean tables and chairs, toilets and baby change and the birthday party room.

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